Lookbook – collective fashion conciousness.

February 28, 2010

Lookbook.. all of us fashion junkies use it, whether it be to find inspiration and something to wear, posting our gorgeous outfits or just browsing through the thousands of amazing fashion photos. It’s really great seeing real people putting their hard work out their! I mean, how many of us find an outfit that we think is super cute or ultra high fashion, and that we have spent ages working on and customizing and end up going out and no-one even commenting on it! It’s can take hours and hours deciding what to wear! First there’s the actual clothes, then accessories, customizing, extra bits, make-up and hair! And it can be pretty annoying when no-one sees it, huh! But now we all have a little slice of delicious hope that we can all indulge in, whether we are professional models or aspiring fashionistas!  The photographic sense that these people have is unreal! The shots are amazingly high quality and the angles and backgrounds are wicked! Anyway, how do you get involved? Well you have to know someone who already has an account and get them to invite you to join. But, you can apply for a place here:


They may take a while to get back to you because it depends on the amount of applications they get! But sit tight and if they like your stuff.. you’re in! Meanwhile you can spend hours browsing through the great photos and maybe YOU will be inspired!

So get out there and get your creative juices flowing!

God bless. E xoxo



February 28, 2010

This is a place for fashion, art and general gossip. A bit of everything really! So get ready to laugh, be inspired and be the first one in on all the gossip!

Some stuff to look forward to: reviews on products, gossip stories, WTW2D -what they wore today, where I post an outfit worn by a celebrity or just a general person and tell you where to get it and how to recreate it for a smaller cost, ‘who wore it best?’s and look out for the first post about.. LOOKBOOK. God bless.. E xox